JERLP008 / JERL009 to be released on Nov 17th

JERLP008 DEATH THE LEVELLER "I" and JERLP009 ALTAR OF OBLIVION "Barren Grounds" will both be released on November 17th at Hammer Of Doom festival. Both vinyls come as black wax ltd. to 300 copies incl. inlay sheet.
Pre-Order through our Webshop!

news news news and WARCRY release

well, we haven't posted any news in the last time! Finally the new WarcrY album is available and will be out in April 1st 2016 !!! You can order it already via our webshop.

We've added a few new titles as well! Have a look...


the online shop is now closed until January 4th! We will add a lot of new titles and strike back in 2016 !!!



I am sorry to say this, but due to personal reasons, we have to close our online shop at from Nov. 1st 2015 until Januar 3rd 2016.
On January 4th 2016 the shop will be back online and won't close anymore...
So anyone who likes to order, do it now!

New Vinyls Available

NEW VINYLS available at Journey's End Records.
- Magister Templi "Into Duat" LP
- Vestal Claret "The Cult Of..." LP
- Terminus "The Reaper's Spiral" LP
- Black Oath - Ov Qliphoth and Darkness 2LP
- Hands Of Orlac - Figli del crepuscolo LP
- Hands Of Orlac - same LP
We'll put everything into our shop, soon. If you can't wait and like to order now, just send an email to

Lords of Triumph / Mountain Throne Split LP

JERLP007 "LORDS OF TRIUMPH / MOUNTAIN THRONE" Split LP is currently at the pressing plant and will be released as soon as possible. We will announce a release date as soon as we know, when the vinyl will arrive.

Here's a new song from Mountain Throne:

Altar Of Oblivion 7"

some news for all of you waiting for the ALTAR OF OBLIVION 7".
It won't be a 7" anymore.
We are proud to announce, that we will do another 12" split release again.
ALTAR OF OBLIVION - Barren Grounds EP on one side
and US Doomsters LORD MOUNTAIN will have their first self-titled EP out on the other side of the vinyl.
The release is set for late 2015 / early 2016
Check them out via their fb page


Arkham Witch "Hammerstorm" vinyl pre-order added to the shop!!


together with CYCLOPEAN RECORDS we are going to release the ALTAR OF OBLIVION "Barren Grounds" 7", soon!!!

Check the release page for more information!

ARKHAM WITCH "Hammerstorm" Release date


The Vinyl will be available on March 15th. Pre-orders can only be made to:
Shipping wil start on March 15th as well!

Limited Edition, 100 copies in red vinyl incl. big colored poster 14,90€, only available through us and the band!
Standard black vinyl, 400 copies, 12,90€

Prices do not include shipping!

The vinyl will be added to our shop, soon!

Arkham Witch / Crypt Sermon /...

the ARKHAM WITCH testpressings have been approved and we are currently waiting for the final product to be delivered!!!

Crypt Sermon demo tapes almost sold out already. There is one single copy left. Get it via our shop!

Lords Of Triumph already sent the final EP to us and we are very excited about it! Release date will hopefully be around early summer!

Arkham Witch LP and more releases...

FINALLY! We are working on the layout of the ARKHAM WITCH "Hammerstorm" vinyl. Hopefully the album will be sent off to the pressing plant within the next two weeks.

so, what's going on in the "Journey's End Camp". These are the upcoming releases:

- Arkham Witch - Hammerstorm LP
- Altar Of Oblivion 7" (label split with Cyclopean Records)
- Mountain Throne / Lords Of Triumph 12" Split (two EPs on one LP)

The Arkham Witch LP is almost ready to be sent off to the pressing plant. We expect a release in March 2015.

Lords Of Triumph finished recording and mixing their EP, the final master will be here in a few weeks. Mountain Throne are going to record their part of the release between February and April in the JER-Studio.

After the release of the Arkham Witch LP we will inform you on further plans and releases on JER.

Mountain Throne / Lords Of Triumph

today we can announce one of our next releases! In 2015 we will release a 12" Split EP by MOUNTAIN THRONE (Ger) and LORDS OF TRIUMPH (DK/USA). Lords Of Triumph nearly finished recordings, mix and mastering of their debut EP and will deliver pure heavy doom metal with Phil Swanson (Seamount / Vestal Claret) on vocals and Martin Sparvath (Altar Of Oblivion) on guitar.

This is what the band has to say about their sound and their first EP:

Lords of Triumph can best be described as epic/traditional doom/heavy metal in the tradition of Ozzy-era Black Sabbath, Trouble, Pentagram, Nemesis/Candlemass, Solstice/Serenity and the likes.
In the winter of 2010, guitarist Martin Meyer Mendelssohn Sparvath began work on a new project and approached Phil Swanson to take part.

They discussed ideas and concepts and it was decided to work this band in a different way than their other bands to avoid repetition or comparison. So rather than Phil take on as lyricist, it was decided that Martin would write the words based on Phil’s phonetic vocal arrangements in order for the vocals to retain the integrity to Phil’s style but perhaps allow him to be heard in a slightly different and new light.

Within weeks, they had all the music and lyrics written and recorded to a rough demo and began pre-production on a full-length bringing on board a full band of notable Danish musicians to fill in on bass and drums as Martin tagged this new band as “Lords of Triumph”.
A 5-track debut mini-album “Beneath the Shades of Frailty” is in the making.

The other side of the split will feature Germany's heavy pounding MOUNTAIN THRONE who will just enter the Journey's End Recording Facilities this winter 2014/2015 to record some tracks specially for this release. Excpect some true ancient heavy metal. I'm sure you're all familiar with the band and if not, be sure to check out their amazing EP "Serpent's Heathland" or the latest, fantastic album "Stormcoven".

Stormhunter Vinyl

we now have Stormhunter "Crime And Punishment" Vinyl available through our webshop!

We are back! New Homepage and Shop!

Finally we made it to a new and adequate homepage. Thanks to Mr. Jens Plappert, known as famous guitar player for the worlds best blackened heavy metal band WarcrY, for his help in putting this site up.

We now have a small online shop to make orders as easy as possible. Check it out.

We'll keep you updated on our next releases.

Martin & JER

out of the office

We will be OUT OF THE OFFICE from November 17th to November 26th !!!

Any orders arriving during this time will be shipped AFTER the 26th !!!

Altar Of Oblivion "Grand Gesture Of Defiance" ltd. splatter vinyl is nearly sold out! Black vinyl still available!

Altar Of Oblivion pre-order

ALTAR OF OBLIVION "Grand Gesture Of Defiance" LPs are out November 7th 2013 !!! You can already pre-order your copy. The album will be available as Gatefold LP ltd. to 500 copies, the first 100 copies come in weird green/black splatter vinyl. Check the shop for more details!

Also added Lamented Souls vinyls to the shop page.

We are currently looking for a new webmaster to get the new website incl. a new shop up! If you're interested and capable to set this up, get in contact

Arkham Witch LP release!

ARKHAM WITCH "On Crom's Mountain" LP is finally available! Official Release Date: June 1st 2013. Check the shop for more Details.

A new website with a new shop is still in progress...

Tyranex Vinyl Out Now!!!

great NEWS today: TYRANEX "Extermination Has Begun" 12" vinyl is OUT NOW and ready for orders!!! The album is out on black vinyl ltd. too 400 copies in black and 100 copies in white vinyl. The LP can be ordered for 14€(white) and 12€(black) via . In a few weeks we'll have an online store, which makes it easier to order! Dealers ask for wholesale prices!

We've got also a few new items in our online store! Check it out.

Old Season pre-order

next release ready for pre-orders NOW!!! OLD SEASON "Volume One" LP will be delivered within the next 4 days and is ready to be shipped next monday. Ltd. to 500copies, 100 orange, 400 black vinyl. Dealers ask for wholesale prices! Black vinyl 12€, orange vinyl 14€.

Dawn Of Winter ltd. vinyl SOLD OUT

DAWN OF WINTER "Celebrate the Agony" 12" EP in white vinyl is now SOLD OUT!!! A few copies of the black edition are still available.

The final cover artwork for the Old Season LP has been added to the releases page. More news on the Old Season and Tyranex LP, soon!!!

First JER Release available

DAWN OF WINTER "Celebrate the Agony" 12" EP in black and white vinyl NOW AVAILABLE for 12€ / 14€

Send your order to; check the shop !!!

Dawn Of Winter pre-order

pre-order DAWN OF WINTER - CELEBRATE THE AGONY 12" EP NOW !!! Limited to 500 hundnumbered copies! First edition (100) in white vinyl !!! 12€ + postage, 14€ (white vinyl) +postage !!! Dealers ask for wholesale prices!!! get in touch via fb or

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